How to Join


If you are a descendant of John Howland and his wife, Elizabeth Tilley, who were passengers on the ship Mayflower, and who landed at Plymouth in 1620, you are most cordially invited to become a member of this Society. Since this Society was formed in 1897, over 3,500 descendants have joined, and today we have over 1200 members who are scattered throughout the country and the world.

Our main purpose is to retain possession of the Jabez Howland House, which the Society purchased in 1913. This museum house had been restored and appropriately furnished so that it can be shown to the public during the summer months. We also maintain the home site property in Rocky Nook, Kingston, where John and Elizabeth lived from 1638 until John's death in 1672. This is located on Howland Lane, and a large memorial marker can be seen on it. We aid research activities relating to our forbears and preserve and publish manuscripts relating to them and their families. To keep our members in touch with our activities and Howland affairs, we publish The Howland Quarterly.

Each year we hold our Annual Meeting in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This usually takes place in August, except in the year when the Mayflower Congress meets in Plymouth. Since many of our members belong to the Mayflower Society, it is a convenience for those coming from a distance to have our meetings at about the same time, which is in early September.

All members receive mailed copies (4 times per year) of our Howland Quarterly, which is full of relevant information about the society and also contains interesting stories and pictures. Click here to see an example of this publication.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT - Application for membership, with the exception of the Marriage and Friends categories, shall be accompanied by documentation/references proving lineal descent from John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.

These are the various types of membership:

ANNUAL: For descendants of John Howland who are over 21 years old.  Annual dues is $25.00.

JUNIOR: For descendants of John Howland who are under 21 years old.  $25.00 is the only charge until age 21.

LIFE: The life membership fee is $300.00 either when joining or after election to membership (any type).

MARRIAGE AND PARENTAGE: For husbands and wives of descendants of John Howland who became parents of a descendant child. Annual dues is $25.00.

MARRIAGE: For husbands and wives of descendants of John Howland who are not parents of a descendant child. Annual dues is $25.00.

FRIEND of PJHS: Not a Descendant of John and Elizabeth?  Not a Problem. You can join as a friend. The Friends application can be found here. You do not need to complete the worksheet or descendant application. Annual dues for Friends is $25.

Important information!  Until Dec 31, 2020, entrance fees for all categories are waived! You should still submit the approriate annual or life dues with your application. This measure is taken to increase our membership as we approach the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' arrival.

Notice to prospective new members:  As we approach the end of 2020 we are experiencing a big influx of new membership appllications and we are working through them as quickly as possible. You will be notified when your application has been approved or if we have questions. We appreciate your understanding and pateinces.



You should complete the Prelimary Application here before completing the final application, as we may have documentation for some of your lineage.

Please give names of all persons from Pilgrims John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley to the applicant including birth, marriage, death dates and places.

All dates should be in the order DAY, MONTH, YEAR, i.e. 12 June 1630.

Click here if you'd like to see an example of a completed application.


One (1) copy of ALL documentation (reference) must be supplied. These are placed on file and will NOT be returned.

If two or more members of one family join at the same time, only one applicant needs to file documentation for similar generations.

Examples of Documentation are:

1. Vital Records of Birth, Marriages and/or Death
2. Bible Records - include a copy of the Title Page and statement of ownership
3. Mortality Schedules and Cemetery Records
4. Probate Records
5. Land Records or Deeds or Division of Property
6. Guardianship or Orphan's Court Records
7. Contemporary family Letters and Records
8. Tax Assessment or Exemption Lists
9. Military or Pension Records and Land Bounty Records
10. Federal or State Census Records
11. Church Records
12. Town or County Histories - include Title Page
13. Genealogies - include Title Page
14. Genealogical Publications


Applicant does not have to resubmit documentation on file with The Society. Applicant should note what was filed and give Society Number of member who filed. The Registrar can help from papers on file.

For members of the Mayflower Society, please send a photocopy of your approved Mayflower Society application for references, in addition to sending a copy of your completed Pilgrim John Howland Society application. Please note that you must also submit a completed PJHS application.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar with any questions or problems you may have pertaining to the references or application. Applicants can contact the Registrar to determine if any generations of the line have already been proved (documented).


Contact: Registrar

Please include a check for the appropriate dues fee ($25 for most categories, see above) with your application.

Please mail the completed paperwork and fees (check made payable to the Pilgrim John Howland Society) to:

Jean H. Albert
2239 Presidential Blvd.
Battle Mountain, NV 89820


If you are already a member and need to submit your dues or donation, please mail to:

Pilgrim John Howland Society
PO Box 1479
Plymouth, MA 02362-1479

Please do not use this address for application dues. Send your application fees check, along with your application to the registrar's address listed above.