Notable Howland Descendants

What do Humphrey Bogart, George Bush and Dr. Spock have in common? Possibly you. Visit our notable Howland descendants gallery to learn who your famous cousins are. You may be surprised to discover who you have common genes with.

It is reported that currently there are over 10 million living descendants of the 51 Mayflower Pilgrims who had children. Are you one of them? Click on any of the highlighted names below for more information about the descendant.

Maude Adams
(stage actress)

Alec Baldwin

Humphrey Bogart
(film actor)

Phillips Brooks
(wrote "O Little Town of Bethlehem")

George Herbert Walker Bush
(41st U.S. President)

George W. Bush
(43rd U.S. President)

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
(Former Florida Governor)

Nathaniel Gorham
(Continental Congress President)

Esther Allen Howland
(produced the first American Valentines)

Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
(U.S. Senator)

Sarah Heath Palin
(Former Governor of Alaska, Republican vice presidential nominee)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(32nd U.S. Preseident)

Lillian Russell
(stage & film actress)

Joseph Smith, Jr. 
(founder, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Dr. Benjamin Spock
(Pediatrician, author)

Justin Winsor
(writer, librarian, historian)