Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQS for Name change forum

  • How will voting work?
    • A mail-in ballot will be sent to every eligible member. Eligible members will be those who are in good standing (up to date on dues and their contact information is up to date), as of April 16, 2021. A more thorough breakdown of eligibility is forthcoming in the March Quarterly. It is critical that the board vote occur in the spring, to allow for ample notice to the membership and enough time to ensure we have an accurate count to report at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Ballots are likely to be sent out in the late spring/early summer of 2021. Member contact information can be updated through the website. (Go to the member’s page and look on the left-hand side for “Edit your information.”)

  • Can I vote by email or through the website?
    • In order to reach all eligible members, we will be utilizing mail-in ballots. Therefore, we will not be offering voting via email or the website.

  • What happens if the motion to change the Society’s name passes?
    • If the motion is approved by 2/3 of eligible members, the Board will submit an Amendment to our Articles of Organization with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is a nominal fee of $15 associated with filing the change. Once accepted, the IRS is notified via our next tax filing. Along with the filing we would need to submit a copy of our amended Articles of Organization and proof of acceptance by the State. Following this submission, the Society would need to publicly announce the change and would move forward with updating any Society materials to reflect the new name.
    • Additional details on the voting process, including the 2/3 requirement, and voting eligibility will be made available in future communications.

  • What happens if the motion to change the Society’s name fails?
       The Society’s would retain its current name. A motion could be made by the membership or the board to restart the process. 

  • Can a motion be made from the floor if the mail-in vote fails?
    • A motion to change the Society’s name in the moment from the floor, could not be made as it would not meet the PJHS By-law requirements or Massachusetts State General Law. However, a motion could be made to start the process over again, from the floor. The By-laws can be found on the website.

  • Where can I find information on participating in the discussion events?
    • Frequent updates will be made to the PJHS website, primarily in the member section in the member forum located on the left-hand side of the member’s page. Information will also be published in the Quarterly, to the extent possible. If you need access to the member section, please reach out to [email protected]. Please keep your email address up to date as we will announce engagement events through that platform. For those without email or internet, please send your feedback to:

Pilgrim John Howland Society
P.O. Box 1479
Plymouth, MA 02362-1479

  • How do I access the discussion boards regarding the potential name change?
    • Go to the society’s website:
    • Access the member's page from navigation menu at the top of the home page, using the username and password provided when you joined the society.
    • If you have trouble accessing the member page, contact [email protected] for a new welcome letter and access information.
    • On the left-hand side of the member’s page look down the list for the third link, “Member forum”.
    • Click on the “Member Forum” link and look for the discussion board(s) associated with the name change.
    • You can click “subscribe" to any of the discussions to make sure you get a notice via email when new comments are made to the ongoing discussion.
  • Voting Procedures
    • If the board decides to move a vote to the membership, the following voting procedures will go into effect:
    • Based on Massachusetts State Law, a 2/3 vote by the membership will be required. This means that based on all eligible members, 2/3 must vote in the affirmative in order for the initiative to pass. An example of how this breaks down is as follows:
    • 1,000 eligible members.
    • 2/3 would be 667 members.
    • Therefore, 667 members would have to vote in the affirmative for the motion to pass.
    • It is critical that whether you are supportive or not of this initiative you vote. This is the only way to ensure that every voice is heard on this important topic.
    • In order to ensure that every member can be reached, a mail-in ballot will be sent to every eligible member. Electronic voting will not be available. Ballots will include a postage paid envelope to allow for easy submission.

  • Voting Eligibility (Based on the PJHS 2018 By-laws)

The following members are eligible for a mail-in ballot:

  • Life members over the age of 21
  • Annual members
  • Marriage and parentage members

The following members are not eligible for a mail-in ballot:

  • Friends
  • Junior members
  • Life members under the age of 21

How many children did John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley have?

Are there any ongoing Howland DNA studies?

Where can I learn more information about John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley (and other Mayflower passengers)? 

How many children did John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley have?

John and Elizabeth had 10 children listed below.

DESIRE m. Captain John Gorham
JOHN m. Mary Lee
HOPE married John Chipman
ELIZABETH m. Ephriam Hicks
LYDIA m.  James Brown
HANNAH m. Jonathan Bosworth
JOSEPH m. Elizabeth Southworth
JABEZ m.  Bethiah Thatcher
RUTH m. Thomas Cushman
ISAAC m. Elizabeth Vaughn

Are there any ongoing Howland DNA studies?

Yes. There is a group on Family Tree DNA that you can find at this link.

Mayflower Families DNA Project

Y-DNA descendants of Pilgrim John Howland and mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth Tilley (may require membership)

Where can I learn more information about John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley (and other Mayflower passengers)?

There are several excellent websites and books about the Mayflower passengers. A few are listed below.

Caleb Johnson's

The Mayflower Society

Pilgrim Hall

Mayflower Families Through Five Generations ("Silver Books") and Mayflower Families in Progress ("Pink Booklets")

Plimoth Plantation

Massachusetts Mayflower Society

Wikipedia webpage on John Howland

Wikitree webpage on John Howland

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project article on John Howland

Find-a-grave webpage on John Howland

John Howland's Probate papers (may require membership to [NEHGS]) webpage on John Howland (and his father, Henry Howland)

Elizabeth Tilley

Caleb Johnson's webpage on Elizabeth Tilley

Caleb Johnson's webpage on John Tilley (father of Elizabeth)

Caleb Johnson's webpage on Joan HURST Rogers (mother of Elizabeth)

Wikipedia webpage on Elizabeth Tilley

Wikitree webpage on Elizabeth Tilley

Find-a-grave webpage on Elizabeth Tilley webpage on Elizabeth Tilley (and her mother, Joan Rogers)