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By Craig S. Chartier

Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project


PJHS trip to england

Wondering what you can do to celebrate 2020? 

Come join President Ashley Smith and a group of your cousins on a trip to England to retrace the steps of our ancestors Elizabeth Tilley, John Howland, and other Pilgrims. 

We are planning a ten day trip in July 2020. Details to follow in the next Quarterly Newsletter. Stay tuned. For more information email the organizers at howlandtilley2020@gmail.com.

The new edition of the howland quarterly is now available online

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If you are a PJHS member in good standing, and you will be enrolled full time in an undergraduate or graduate program during the 2019-2020 academic year, you are eligible to apply for the PJHS scholarship.  For more information, email: scholarship@pilgrimjohnhowlandsociety.org

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It's not too late to renew your membership!  You can do this online by logging into your account via the Member Area tab above (you should have received login instructions in a welcome email).  You can also renew by mailing your dues payment ($25 for annual members) to:

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Membership Drive!
The society has set a membership goal of 400 new members by 2020.
72 new members have already joined since our annual meeting!

Do you have family members who haven't joined the society yet or friends who would like to join in the Friends category?  Now is a great time to encourage them to join ahead of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's arrival in New England. Entrance fees are waived through December 2020 (annual or life dues fees still apply). See here for more information and application forms.

Save the date!   Annual Meeting 2019

Our next annual meeting will be on Saturday August 10, 2019.  There will be a social hour and dinner on Friday evening, and lunch will follow the meeting. Check back for more details soon.

It was great to see so many cousins at our annual banquet and meeting on Aug 10/11. Our dinner speaker, Whit Perry, gave a fascinating overview of the work that has been done on Mayflower II. You can follow Mayflower II updates here.

Although some of our afternoon activities were cancelled due to weather, several members enjoyed a group painting lesson. See Hudson's painting of the Jabez Howland House below.

ROCKY NOOK archaeological dig 2018

The annual archaeological dig at the site of John Howland's homestead at Rocky Nook, Kingston, MA, took place on August 6-9. We had many diggers and many visitors. You can learn more about the excavations at this site here.

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The Jabez Howland House is closed for the winter season.

Members, did you know that you can read and download high quality PDFs of the Howland Quarterly, NOW dating back to 2011? Access these under the Member Area tab.


If you would like to see pictures of the Shallop Elizabeth Tilley sail, visit our Facebook page.

The Tilley had a wonderful sail to the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society Picnic on Clark's Island on July 15th. Learn more about the DRHS here and about Clark's Island's important role in Pilgrim history here.

The Crew of the Shallop Elizabeth Tilley at Clark's Island (photo credit Matt Villamaino/Ninky Savage)

photo credits (left: Pulpit Rock: Michael Goldstein, right: The Crew of the Shallop Elizabeth Tilley at Clark's Island: Matt Villamaino/Ninky Savage)


Letter From the President 

Welcome members and visitors to the Pilgrim John Howland Society website!  The Society has been a part of my life since I was about seven years old. I have spent countless summers driving from New York City to Plymouth with my family, and participated in numerous events and activities, including the annual archeological dig. I have been a Director on the board for about five years and have enjoyed working with my fellow board members over the years. Both my father and grandfather have also served on the board in the past. We Howland cousins keep our family at the center of it all! We have a lot to look forward to, together. Our organization has a strong legacy, but our operations need a few updates. We are working on our communications with the public and our members, such as this new website and through our social media presence. We are improving our administrative procedures by assessing our investments, our bylaws, and making sure each executive position has a transition document developed. All things that will help to sustain us in the future.

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There are no upcoming events.


Your donations will help us maintain the Jabez Howland House, The Shallop Elizabeth Tilley and the Howland site at Rocky Nook. PJHS is a 501c3 organization.

PJHS Charms, Medals, Pins

What we have all been waiting for! The PJHS miniature charm, medal and lapel pin are now available from Hamilton Insignia at this link.

Gold filled is $59.00; sterling silver is $55.00.  Many thanks to our president and board who approved this project to show our pride and affection for our ancestors.  Special thanks to PJHS member Lynda Hylander who coordinated this project.  Order now!  Christmas is coming!!!

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Howland  Books

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants meticulously investigates primary records that substantiate the identity of individuals and families that descend from the Pilgrims who traveled on the ship Mayflower in 1620.  The Five Generations Project books, also called the Silver books, are now being researched beyond the first five generations. These avidly collected books are an invaluable tool in genealogy research.

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