In July of 1936 the Pilgrim John Howland Society began to publish our quarterly newsletter the Howland Quarterly. Now over 76 volumes of the Quarterly exist.

The main objects of this publication are (1) to bring our members closer together, for, after all, we are one large family; (2) to present to you the many interesting items relating to the Howlands—past and present—and (3) notices of our meetings, the work we are doing and our plans for developing the PJHS.

Below are articles from past issues of the Howland Quarterly that should be of interest to you. In addition, much of the material of this web site is culled from the past issues of the Howland Quarterly and are written by our members to help celebrate and to educate about our ancestors' achievements and lives.

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Warwick Charlton: Mayflower II Visionary

by Gail Adams Charlton conceived the idea while serving with the Eighth Army in the North African desert during World War II. He had been inspired after reading William Bradford’s journal Of Plimoth Plantation. The evening that the Mayflower II landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts he told Gove...

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Pastor Robinson Gave the Pilgrims Some Sound Advice

by Robert F. Huber If Jackie Robinson had been a 17th century clergyman instead of a 20th century baseball player he might have offered this advice to the Pilgrims: “Keep your eye on the ball” and “watch out for the Indians.” If John Robinson had been a baseball player ins...

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